NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Driver 381.65 for Windows 10


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Released: Apr 6, 2017
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NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Driver 381.65 for Windows 10 - Description



This release supports the following APIs:

- Open Computing Language (OpenCL software) 1.2 for NVIDIA Kepler, Maxwell, and Pascal GPUs

- OpenGL 4.5

- Vulkan 1.0

- DirectX 11

- DirectX 12 (Windows 10, for Kepler, Maxwell, and Pascal GPUs)

Game Ready

Provides the optimal gaming experience for Quake Champions Closed Beta.

New Product Support

Added support for the NVIDIA TITAN Xp.

New Features

- Added support for Windows 10 Creators Update.

- Added DTS X and Dolby Aos support for 5.1.2 speaker configuration.

- Added Dolby Vision support for games.

- Added NVIDIA Ansel support for Snake Pass and Kona.

- NVIDIA Control Panel

• Display page: Added the option to override the Windows 10 control of desktop color settings.

• Manage 3D Settings page: Added option to disable self-refresh power-saving feature for G-Sync.

Applies to self-refresh capable notebooks using Pascal-based GPUs with G-Sync enabled.

Application SLI Profiles

Added or updated the following SLI profiles:

- Descent: Underground - updated

3D Vision Profiles

No 3D Vision profiles were added with this version.

3D Compatibility Mode Profiles

No compatibility mode profiles were added with this version.

Software Module Versions

- NView - 148.47

- HD Audio Driver -

- NVIDIA PhysX System Software - 9.17.0329

- GeForce Experience -

- CUDA - 8.0

Changes and Fixed Issues in Version 381.65

The following sections list the important changes and the most common issues resolved in this version. This list is only a subset of the total number of changes made in this driver version. The NVIDIA bug number is provided for reference.

- [XSplit][DirectX 12 games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider]: Games experience poor performance.[1882697]

- [GeForce GTX TITAN X][SLI][Battlefield 1- XP1 Update]: Shimmering occurs on grass and trees with SLI and in-game TAA enabled. [200289721]

- [GeForce GTX 1070][Serious Sam HD]: Heavy flickering occurs in the game with Vsync enabled. [1881405]

- [GeForce GTX 980 Ti]: The GPU occasionally gets stuck in a low power state after pressing Alt-Tab while playing a game.[1832415]

Open Issues in Version 381.65 WHQL

As with every released driver, version 381.65 WHQL of the Release 381 driver has open issues and enhancement requests associated with it. This section includes lists of issues that are either not fixed or not implemented in this version. Some problems listed may not have been thoroughly investigated and, in fact, may not be NVIDIA issues. Others may have workaround solutions.

Windows 10 Issues:

- [GeForce Experience]: Driver installation fails when attempting to perform a driver overinstall. To workaround, perform a clean installation.

- [SLI][GeForce GTX 1080][Battlefield 1 XP1]: With SLI enabled, corruption appears in the game when switching between full-screen and windowed mode. [1889162]

- [GeForce GTX 1080 Ti][Mass Effect: Andromeda]: Random memory errors occur when playing the game. [1887520]

- [GeForce GTX 1080 Ti][Sid Meirie's Civilization VI][G-Sync/SLI/DirectX 12]: Black corruption appears while entering the in-game menu afte skipping the cutscene. [200283322]

- [GeForce GTX Titan X][Ansel][Ghost Recon Wild lands]: With FXAA enabled from the NVIDIA Control Panel, the application crashes when enabling the in-game Ansel UI. [200283194]

- Error code 43 appears in the Device Manager after installing the driver with HDMI display connected. [200283276]

- [Pascal][Notebook]: The display remains blank while over installing the driver, requiring a reboot. [200273603]

- [GM204, Tom Clancy's The Division Survival DLC] Game crashes pointing to ntdll.dll when changed to full-screen and to windowed full-screen. [200252894]

- [GM204, ShadowPlay] For Honor silently crashes if intro video is skipped and instant replay is on. [200247313]

- [SLI] [GeForce GTX 970M] Level loading hangs in Gears of War 4. [1826307]

- [367.77, WDDM 2.1] Driver install/overinstall requires reboot. [1757931]

- [SLI, GP104] Installer prompts for reboot during express overinstall of 372.69 driver on 372.54. [200231806]

- [GM204] Quantum Break window either remains blank or freezes in game scene in windowed mode. [1804910]

- Surround Display icon disappears after rotate mode set to portrait. [200201040]

- [SLI] Street Fighter V performance drop (pause and play) observed when the game is played at 4K resolution with SLI enabled. [200172046]

- [Luxmark 3.0] Display driver stopped responding while running benchmark LuxBall HDR (Simple Bechmark:217K triangles). [200153736]

- [347.09, GM204] Blank screen observed on an ASUS Tiled display when system resumes from shutdown or hibernation with Fast boot option enabled from BIOS. [1591053]

Windows 8.1/Windows 8 Issues:

- [3DVision] While a stereoscopic 3D video with stereoscopic 3D enabled is played, the monitor refresh rate switches to 60 Hz after changing the resolution using the Windows control panel. [1314811]

- [Video, Notebook] The NVIDIA Control Panel video color settings have no effect on YouTube flash video playback within Internet Explorer 10. [999485]

Windows 7 Issues:

- [GeForce GTX 1080] Battlefield 1 hangs when campaign loaded with Fast Sync enabled from the NVIDIA Control Panel. [200254350]

- [SLI] Street Fighter V performance drop (pause and play) observed when the game is played at 4K resolution with SLI enabled. [200172046]

- [3DVision] While a stereoscopic 3D video with stereoscopic 3D enabled is played, the monitor refresh rate switches to 60 Hz after changing the resolution using the Windows control panel. [1314811]

To install this package please do the following:

- Make sure that all system requirements are met.

- Save the downloadable package on an accessible location (such as your desktop).

- Locate and double-click on the newly-downloaded file.

- Allow Windows to run the file (if necessary).

- Read EULA (End User License Agreement) and agree to proceed with the installation process.

- Follow the on-screen instructions.

- Close the wizard and perform a system reboot to allow changes to take effect.

About Graphics Drivers:

While installing the graphics driver allows the system to properly recognize the chipset and the card manufacturer, updating the video driver can bring about various changes.

It can improve the overall graphics experience and performance in either games or various engineering software applications, include support for newly developed technologies, add compatibility with newer GPU chipsets, or resolve different problems that might have been encountered.

When it comes to applying this release, the installation steps should be a breeze, as each manufacturer tries to make them as easy as possible so that each user can update the GPU on their own and with minimum risks (however, check to see if this download supports your graphics chipset).

Therefore, get the package (extract it if necessary), run the setup, follow the on-screen instructions for a complete and successful installation, and make sure you reboot the system so that the changes take effect.

That being said, download the driver, apply it on your system, and enjoy your newly updated graphics card. Moreover, check with our website as often as possible in order to stay up to speed with the latest releases.

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